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We operate in the area of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) which is an umbrella concept for a set of management and analytic processes supported by technology. CPM enables businesses to define strategic goals and then manage and measure organisation’s performance against these goals.

See below how we help you to better manage your corporate’s financial and operational performance.

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Webinaari: Optimointi tutuksi

2.3.2021 News

Pidämme to 25.3 klo 10 Optimointi tutuksi -webinaarin. Matemaattinen optimointi auttaa ihmistä löytämään parhaan mahdollisen ratkaisun monimutkaisiin liiketoiminnan suunnittelussa vastaan tuleviin tehtäviin. Tällöin suunnittelijan työn… Read More

Advantages of Automatic Time Series Forecasting

16.2.2021 Blog

Traditionally forecasting is done as manual work based on expert knowledge. However, this can take a lot of effort and sometimes there just is not… Read More

Algorithms Can Help You with Scheduling Problems

26.1.2021 Blog

Does your company need to schedule work shifts, holidays, deliveries, or production line operations? Do you have some other scheduling problem that takes up a… Read More

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