About us

Intito was founded 2014 because we had a mission. We are still on that same path and so far, we have helped over 100 customers to take advantages of latest business planning technology. Today there are already 30 passionate performance management experts working for our mission.

We work as partners for finance and business leaders. We build solutions that help them to make better business decisions and better management by automating repetitive processes. We enable data-driven planning and decision-making for our customers.

We aim for long-term partnership with our customers, always. We provide services, starting from process planning and design blueprints, into implementations, and all the way to solution support, and continuous development. One of our key advantages is that we are agile and fast, and we have strong insight into how business planning should be done. We serve different business functions from various industries. We work with versatile challenges using agile and specific methods. 

We believe, that by sharing knowledge and working closely with our customers, we can add value, and help them to respond to their quickly changing business challenges.