Getting Started with the Solution for the FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition


Commercial fishing vessel and sea birds flying around it sunset time.

We have decided to participate in FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition. It’s organized by NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium) and many other collaborators, and it aims to find solutions to make commercial fishing sustainable.

A Complex Challenge Requires Advanced Technology

The challenge given in the competition is complex and our aim is to tackle it with IBM’s advanced technology capabilities. Our whole FishAI project is on IBM Cloud. We have all the main components of the solution there; database, forecasting model, optimization model and user interface.

The sheer amount of data alone makes this challenge quite complex. They have collected detailed data over many years, from a fishing zone of 2.1 million square meters. First, we took some time to go through the data to find the key elements required for the forecasting.

“So far, the FishAI project has been extremely interesting. There are plenty of challenges and a ton of data. I think there is enough data for research for years, so regarding this competition it is crucial to define the scope of the solution on an achievable level. Participating in the competition is fun and motivating, but also a little bit nerve-racking” thinks Visa Linkiö from Intito’s FishAI team.

The Solution is a Work in Progress

We did a quick forecasting model with IBM Auto AI. We use it and the findings from the data as the base for our own solution. We have started to develop a refined forecasting model and simultaneously we are working on the UI for the captains of the vessels.

The organizer released the evaluation criteria mid-August, and they are hosting a Q&A session for the competing teams. The DL of the competition was postponed two weeks so that the competing teams have more time to meet the evaluation criteria.

“Because the assignment is very diverse, evaluating it objectively will most likely be challenging. It’s good that the DL was postponed. Now we have more time to refine our solution to hit the brief and evaluating criteria” Visa Linkiö contemplates.

We will report on Intito’s blog and LinkedIn, how the project is going and share the result after the competition.

If you want to read more about the competition, check out their website!