Intito is Expanding in the Northern Europe


Intito a leading Nordic performance management and analytics company is expanding in the Northern Europe. As part of company’s expansion strategy, Intito started a business in Norway.

A view from our office that is located at the centrum of Oslo.
A view from our office that is located at the centrum of Oslo

Kristian Lahtinen has been nominated to Country Manager of Intito Norway. He will lead Intito‘s overall operations in Norway and be responsible for expanding company’s business. Kristian has more than 20 years of history working in the performance management and analytics field. We did a short interview regarding his new role.

Here are some of his thoughts about the expansion:

Intito was founded 8 years ago, because we wanted to help companies to modernize and automize their financial data management processes. We saw that there was a void in the market as there were companies focused on IT consulting and others to finance processes. We decided that it is essential to combine these and became a partner of finance and business leaders. With Intito’s help our clients develop their financial planning and reporting solutions and processes using latest technology in the field. We have been successful in both Finland and Sweden and feel that it’s our obligation to continue our mission outside our current borders.

Our core competence is to help companies to move from yearly budgeting to rolling business forecasting and beyond, for example by leveraging AI more in their solutions. We see, that for example, Integrated business planning gives a competitive edge to companies leveraging it. They have the capacity and capability to quickly react to changes in the business environment and new opportunities more quickly than the competition.

Intito has a long and prosperous relationship working with IBM and we know that there is a big demand in Norway for a competent IBM Business Analytics business partner. 

We also have been following the sustainability reporting and ESG space now for a couple of years and know that these topics will be on the CFOs’ table in the upcoming years. We have interesting ongoing projects regarding ESG and I can’t wait for us to be able to talk about them to a broader audience. ESG and sustainability are really relevant topics. And for that our offering is really relevant also. In addition to IBM’s sustainability portfolio, we also have a long-term partnership with Insight Software and Certent Disclosure Management, which have a well-established client base in Norway also. 

We know there are many similar clients in Norway, compared to those that we have helped for many years in the other Nordic countries. Thus, we can give them the best practices of what we have learned over the years and add value fast. We have a solid track record of helping clients for example in energy, construction and healthcare industries. And we are really excited to get into discussion with Norweigian clients to create value and help them with their analytics journeys

The expansion to Norway seemed natural. We already have offices in Finland and Sweden, so the Nordic business culture is familiar to us. Time zones are close to each other, and we have Swedish speaking people in our organization, which makes working between these countries easy. The aim is to build an independent local team in Oslo, but to also leverage our strong Nordic competence and subject matter expertise.

Geographical expansion also provides the possibility for our employees to gain international experience, have job rotation and growth opportunities and work abroad in our other locations if they want so. All this also adds to diversity in all our locations.

We are excited about this expansion and hope that we can help many Norwegian finance and business leaders on their journey to integrated business planning. Our office is located right at the centrum of Oslo on Stortingsgata 4. Please don’t hesitate call me, if you want to talk more about these topics!

Kristian Lahtinen
Country Manager