Intito Participates in the FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition


Commercial fishing vessel on a calm sea.

We have decided to participate in FishAI: Sustainable Commercial Fishing Competition. It’s organized by NORA (Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium) and many other collaborators, and it aims to find solutions to make commercial fishing sustainable.

The Norwegian Government aims to reduce CO2 emissions from domestic fishing 50% by 2030. They have a massive amount of historical fishing data. They are inviting teams to take a deep dive into the data to create an AI-powered decision-making tool for the 1100 Captains of the vessels operating across the Norwegian fishing zones!

With a fishing zone of 2.1 million square meters, Norway is considered Europe’s largest fishing and aquaculture nation. Every year, commercial vessels land fish to a total value of around NOK 20 billion in Norway.

The Norwegian Government believes that smart use of the data is a key to transforming one of the oldest industries in the world. Optimization of the fishing routes could minimize the transport distances and thus reduce CO2 emissions.

The competition consists of these three tasks:

Task 1: Build a model that can predict which coordinates a vessel should prioritize in order to maximize the likelihood of catching a type of fish of your choosing. The prediction can be based on historical data.

Task 2: Create a report of your analysis that can be read by experienced fishermen; a user-friendly visualization that a captain can read to assess where the vessel should search for fish the next day.

Task 3: Make a Sustainable Fishing Plan; a weekly plan that suggests the routes the fishermen should follow to optimize fish caught and fuel consumption.

Intito’s Data and AI team will answer the invitation!

Intito’s Data and AI team got excited about this challenge, and we have registered a team in the competition. Our team consists of Visa Linkiö, Juho Kolmonen, and Kristian Lahtinen. Our aim is to create an optimization model that predicts the best possible route for the captains of the vessels, based on the historical data.

We will report on Intito’s blog and LinkedIn, how the project is going and share the result after the competition.

If you want to read more about the competition, check out their website!