Intito Finland

Petri Sipola
Country CEO, Senior Advisor

Petri has a proven track record of helping businesses utilize analytics to outperform their competition. His understanding of the latest technologies and business processes gives him a tool set to guide customers to the new era of analytics.

Jyri-Pekka Makkonen
Chief Commercial Officer

Jyri-Pekka has 20 years of experience in Management and Technology consulting in several growth companies. He has a vast experience in Analytics and Performance Management and how companies use these practices and technologies to build sustainable competitive edge and create better business results.

Kristian Lahtinen
Partner and Performance Management Expert

Kristian is an experienced specialist in Performance Management systems design and implementation. He has worked in Performance Management for 10 years in more than 30 projects.

Mikko Heikkinen
Partner and Performance Management Expert

Mikko is a Financial Performance Management enthusiast with excellent business acumen and technical skills. During his career he has been involved in more than 30 FPM/CPM solution implementation projects in Finland, Germany, and Australia.

Teemu Jylhä
Partner and Performance Management Expert

Teemu’s background is as a technically oriented management and financial accounting professional. He has vast experience of designing and implementing performance management solutions for several customers.

Janus Timperi
Performance Management Expert

Janus has a management accounting background with years of experience on product costing and profitability management. This includes hands-on experience with performance management tools and calculation engines used in business analysis.

Juho Kolmonen
Performance Management Expert

Juho is a tech-savvy professional in corporate performance management. He has extensive experience in accounting and developing technical solutions for financial accounting needs.

Tero Parkkari
Performance Management Expert

Tero is an experienced all-round performance management specialist and has technical knowledge in CA, PA, SQL/DW, and ETL. His special interest is in process automation (CCC) and monitoring tools.

Jari Salmela
Performance Management Expert

Jari has 20 years of experience in CPM implementation and advisory with multiple technologies like IBM Planning Analytics and Anaplan. He has implemented several S&OP and Financial planning solutions for companies in various businesses.

Catarina Asplund
Performance Management Expert

Catarina has over 10 years of hands-on experience in Finance and her expertise lies in Financial consolidation and disclosure management. She has implemented consolidation and standard reporting solutions for multiple customers.

Teemu Hännikäinen
Performance Management Expert

Teemu is a professional in designing and implementing robust financial planning solutions for various customer needs. He has years of experience from multiple businesses and different technologies.

Visa Linkiö
Data Scientist

Visa has years of experience in developing optimization models and other decision support tools for large industry problems. He has background in oil, renewable fuels, and electronics industries.

Iiro Salmela
Junior analyst

Iiro is experienced in predictive data analytics and optimization. He has a great understanding of accounting and business processes.

Eve Lallukka
Marketing Coordinator

Eve is devoted digital marketing professional. She has hands-on experience in marketing coordination and event planning. Her interest of the latest marketing trends and technologies gives her insight of the ever-changing field.

Jussi Juvonen
Performance Management Expert

Jussi has years of experience in designing and implementing performance management solutions. He has a deep technical understanding of performance management tools and enjoys modeling different business processes into high performing and user-friendly applications.

Saija Narinen
Performance Management Expert

Saija has a financial accounting background and over 4 years of experience in financial consulting services. This includes FAS/IFRS consolidation, auditing and implementing new IFRS standards.

Tiia Kemiläinen
Performance Management Expert

Tiia has years of experience in developing performance management and reporting solutions. Having both accounting and IT background has given her great understanding of how projects are finished successfully either with agile or traditional project management methods.

Petronella Toikkanen
Junior Analyst

Petronella has a background in accounting and IT project management. Through this combination she has gained great understanding of business processes and various technical solutions.

Henri Paananen
Junior Consultant

Henri has background in management and financial accounting. He has experience working with wide range of business IT solutions. He has great understanding of the financial and management accounting needs.

Teemu Hallikainen
Performance Management Expert

Teemu is a professional in management accounting and project management. He has implemented various CPM solutions both in leading and technical roles with multiple technologies.

Intito Sweden

Lena Lambert
Country CEO

Lena has extensive experience of running successful businesses, primarily in ​​Corporate Performance Management (CPM). Her broad experience of various software and of various industries provide unique value for customers and partners.

Anders Alfalk
Performance Management Expert

Anders has more than 20 years of experience from Performance Management consulting. Anders has also gained deep understanding of Finance related challenges from his years as Accountant, CFO and Management Consultant.

Carl Richter
Performance Management Expert

Carl has worked for four years in Performance Management-related projects, being involved in all stages of projects, from analysis of needs and definition to technical implementation.

Rickard Rygin
Performance Management Expert

Rickard has an extensive and long career within IBM, most recently as a Product Manager for TM1. He has deep knowledge of Cognos BI, TM1, and Cognos Controller FAP, and has been in charge of implementations in both Europe and North America.

David Pretorius
Performance Management Expert

15+ years of extensive BI/Planning-experience at corporate level Performance Management and Analytic solutions at 75+ of the largest corporations in the Nordic region.

Christer Andersson
Software Solutions and Technical Architecture Expert

15+ years experience within the Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics and Cognos Controller technical platform. System technical architecture, environment integration and custom component developer.

Oskar Götlind
Performance Management Expert

Past experience in several Business Intelligence Tools and also experience in leading several successful projects to improve a data driven culture in one of the world leading corporations.

Tobias Svartz
Performance Management Expert

Tobias has worked within the Business Intelligence and Performance Management area for more than 20 years, of which more than 10 years specialized in the TM1/IBM Planning Analytics software.

Lars Mårtensson
Performance Management Expert

Lars has over 20 years of experience from implementing smart planning solutions, working for Frango/Cognos/IBM.